Tuesday, October 04, 2005

more from the Lake District


Bellhop said...

The tree is a perfect illustration, for a book of folk tales. Quite haunting.

Michelle said...

Great work MrC. For an amateur/recreational photographer, your shots are well-compositioned; very inspiring indeeed :D

MrC said...

ha ha cheers Michelle, flattery will get you everywhere!! 8D

Michelle said...

Glib tongue, eh, yeah, i've been trained to heap praises on people :p
How was your break anyway?

MrC said...

was really nice thanks ... stayed in a small bothy (a small stone outhouse type of thing) in the middle of nowhere.. beautiful views & amazing place, but unfortunately the weather wasn't too great (so shall have to return, maybe in the crisp stillness of jan/feb).. climbed some mountains, visited many nice places, ate good food.. so yeah, twas nice!
good to get away completely from the real world (work, home, etc) & the other world (the net) for a week.
but now.. back at work.. on the early shifts.. tired already.. winter is coming.. nights are getting longer.. heh heh roll on summer!

how's your world?


Michelle said...

A breather is always good, i tell u, rechanging & all.
Better don't ask about my life cos nothing's happening, really.. it's mudane, period.