Friday, January 06, 2006



Tommy B. said...

C, your pics are amazing. You should be getting paid for some of this one. This is some National Geographic type stuff. Incidentally, over here (well in my parts) we dont have snails that look like that. We have ones with more "cone" type shells that dont look nearly as interesting as this one here. Anywho...its Friday night 9:52pm my time and its time to find something to do. Have a great weekend C.


MrC said...

to be paid would be nice... just wander round taking pics (& travelling the world)... maybe one day!
i do sell my stuff here in Cornwall... cards & calendars, which do quite well; but i'm not a hugely organised sorta person! ... fortunately i'm a digital printer, so have access to nice machines!

as for the snail... common little gits; quite big, & eat everything... but interesting nonetheless (as long as they stay offa my plants!)

cheers TB ..catch yers later & have yoself a good weekend too


Bellhop said...

These snails are in my garden too, but I have never snapped them this nice.
Great stuff C.

MrC said...

hey hellbop! alrighty there?
hope you're takin' your camera to Bolivia!?