Wednesday, February 01, 2006



Tommy B. said...

This is DEFINATELY my fav pic of yours to date. All of your frost pic are the mutts nutts now that I think about it. Just curious, but what's the actual image size of your pics?


MrC said...

cheers ... i'm a big fan of frosty mornings! (although not good for my plants!)

original photo sizes are...
2592 x 1944 pixels
91.44 x 68.58 cm

for the blog, i usually resize to 50 x 37.5 cm (which come to think of it, is still fairly on the large side of things ... i do it so it's about the size of my screen!)

original filesize is between 2 & 4 mb ... so once reduced, i save at a lower quality setting (9 in photoshop) to get it down to 200-500kb

enough info?? ... just covering all bases!


the scarlet pimpernel said...

damn, there are quite some beauties man! the sunsets, the beaches, frost...they're very nice. esp like the second darmore photo!

Tommy B. said...

Many thanks for the breakdown MrC!


MrC said...

TB: no worries

the scarlet pimpernel: nice to see you poppin in ... thanks for the nice words ... see yers here or there laters