Sunday, November 11, 2007


what i've tweaked .. some, all, or none of .. levels / colour / contrast / saturation / greyscaled

photo 1 & 4 are indeed the same - i really couldn't decide between the colour or black & white versions!

What am i listening to? .. Manulo - Bombe V

camera .. samsung pro 815


Hux said...

I really like these - I'm thinkin pic 4/the b&w 'tilts' the land the other way - all of them have a load of nice texture.

I'm hoping the bird of prey didn't get robin ;-) (loved the colours on that 1st one)


Hardy said...

I agree with you Hux. All of the are very beautiful. 1 & 4 both are very nice picture.

MrC said...

cheers guys! ;)