Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Moscow night photos

(make sure you check out the large versions!)

plenty more night shots to come...!

the building on the right (on the top photo, & in the middle on the 2nd one) is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs showcased in the previous post here

what i've tweaked .. nothing much ;)

What am i listening to? .. Japanese Childrens Record

camera .. samsung pro 815


Mark said...

i'm a sucker for a night photo!!

bring 'em on ;)

...what's going on with that skyscraper to the left of the MoFA? is that the result of a long exposure or what!?

hope you're all well, and Herb has some peaceful toys lined up for the present giving time?

MrC said...

hi Mark!

the building was all lit up & was kinda like a giant screensaver sorta thing - had fish swimming around it, strange colours swirling, think i remember something like some tennis action

all good cheers mate .. likewise to you & yours! ... we got Herb one of those retro 70's fisher price record players off ebay, so he can play with it whilst i'm playing with mine! ;)

laters ;)

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