Friday, November 04, 2005


funky fungi !


Bellhop said...


MrC said...

dunno if they're edible .. if you want, i could zip some dried shrooms & email you them (oh, if only!?)

Hux said...

their caps look a little too big for my liking ;-)

great pictures MrC.

really like the gas one, and from a couple weeks back, the sheep.


MrC said...

Cone from the land of SkaEtc i presume ... greetings sir & thanks for the words of wisdom !

Jay Roller said...

Love all the pics, but this one is excellent - hello, new wallpaper! Keep up the good work spa!

MrC said...

alrighty there Mr Jay Roller sir ... another sth/sfrp misfit ambles over !

cheers for the nice words ... make sure you pop by every now & then

see yers elsewheres