Wednesday, May 17, 2006

rusty hinge


MrC said...

pictures taken on the same walk last week that i took the pics of the fly on the bluebell, & the dead shrew ... more pics from that walk to come, & more pics from this amazing blue shed door too!

(i've increased the saturation, but only slightly!)

What am i listening to? ... 2 Many DJ's - Hang The DJ (live)

Timmybomb said...

I think this is wicked. I love the composition. The colours are awesome. Very nice pair of images mate.

Azhar said...

Both are very vivid shots.GREAT GREAT SHOTS!

Tony said...

this is good... the contrast in the two colours works well and the textures of the old painted wood and iron work are great.

very nice shots and well spotted


Ella said...

Both images are very well composed, but my favorite has to be the first picture, because the vibrant blue seems a bit stronger. Keep them rusty things coming!

Nicola said...

Nice color combination.

MrC said...

cheers everyone ... again! ;)

myself, i love the colour combination!

A. B. Chairiet said...


I absolutely, positively, without a doubt, LOVE these two pictures!!

They're just gorgeous! The colors...I mean, wow!

Nothing like old wood and rust...up the lighting a bit, and it really just pops.

Been on a bit of a rust kick myself.

Great job, as always!
Wonderful shots,
~ Ash

Pete said...

I like the colour play.
thanks for the comment
may I link to your blog?

Yanik said...

Colour combination is really nice, of my favourites...

susane said...

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