Saturday, September 23, 2006


(make sure you check out the largest version!)

photo was/is of the local football club's lights & floodlights .. i obviously moved the camera around a fair bit whilst taking the shot!

previous posting of lightbulbs here .. & .. here .. candlelights here .. & nightlights here.

what i've done .. played with threshold & brightness/contrast

What am i listening to? .. Mandinka and Fulani Music of The Gambia - Ancient Heart (1990)

camera .. pentax optio 550


Azhar said...

These hardly work, well it half worked here. OK for me. 6/10

PhotoSam said...

very abstract but unlike azhar...this one's to my liking....6.5/10

Steve said...

This is awesome!

Lucky said...

heya, found you on the sfrp!

this looks like the photographic experiments i made when i had my first good camera! but that you link the mandinga and fulani here is quite nice - though i don't see any references...

Mr. Lucky/squeezo