Saturday, September 09, 2006


photo taken earlier in the year when i was exploring country lanes early one morning trying to get good shots of oilseed rape fields ... i was driving down some narrow tracks when i went under a railway bridge - my attention was drawn to the bright orange lichen stuff; it wasn't until i looked at the photo on the camera that i noticed the writing on the wall!

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what i've done .. levels, colour, contrast, equalised

What am i listening to? .. Robert Drasnin - Voodoo

camera .. pentax optio 550

edit... photobucket appears to have gone all arse & is resizing files now to fit to screen sizes! (& not keeping the same quality) .. so bear with me whilst i try & find somewhere else to host my photos (blogger reduces files over 250kb it seems to me, & mine are usually around the 500kb mark .. & this one was 700kb) .... it's a nice sunny day here, so i'll have to check it out later on!

update... i uploaded it to the ad-hungry imagevenue, then uploaded the image link location into photobucket & it didn't alter the quality! woohoo! ... still gonna have to check out an easier option later this weekend ... have a good one people! ;)


Steve said...

Hmmmm...Ninky...person, place or thing?

I host my photos directly on Blogger, after reducing them substantially, so my images are already low-res. (They range anywhere from 75 to 125 kb.) I'm not sure how to host nice hi-res versions. People just have to use their imaginations. :)

MrC said...

greetings Steve .. hope you had a nice break!
.. i used to upload directly to blogger (i still upload the small thumbnail to blogger), but found with my new camera the images were larger & higher quality so i couldn't reduce them below 250kb without losing a whole bunch of quality .. photobucket appeared to be the answer, but now with their new (bizarre) policy of resizing to fit certain fixed sizes of screen, it has substantially altered the quality -- even if i resized it myself to the exact size first!?! ... but hey, there's always ways around, & personally i want to provide large high quality images (even if i don't have many visitors to appreciate it!! lol)

PhotoSam said...

Nice one...beautiful yellow...8/10

Stardog Champion said...

Nice colours here. Isn't it fun when you discover something in a picture you didn't notice in the scene? It's kind of like finding a bit of treasure.

BTW: for my blogger stuff, I actually upload all my images to Flickr, then link to them from there. I link to the biggest size there is then change the image size tags in the html code itself. It's good because I can have bigger images (I've edited my template to let me do so), and you don't lose quality.