Sunday, July 16, 2006


picture taken this afternoon on a long walk ... the tide was out, & the sun was shining, so we went exploring around the edge of a local river estuary .. no paths; just clambering over rocks, squelching through mud, & popping the bladderwrack! Took plenty of photos .. but this was easily my favourite .. taken on the hull of an old wreck.

what i've done .. slight saturation & contrast tweak

What am i listening to? .. Beastie Boys & Run DMC Live @ The Palladium 1987

camera .. samsung pro815


Steve said...

Awesome! You wonder what prompts people to paint such that his/her nickname? Or mood at the time?

A. B. Chairiet said...

Such bright vivid colors, and fun, despite its message. :)

Urizen said...

I like the texture and colors of this shot. Really eye-catching message!

P.S.: The polaroid look of my shots is because they are real polaroids! Take a look: