Wednesday, July 05, 2006

speaker / vent

picture taken in my car ;)

check out the review of my photoblog at mixpixawards!!

what i've done .. embossed, increased contrast, desaturated

What am i listening to? .. hiphop courtesy of VinRoc (on a Hawaian radio show)

camera .. pentax optio 550


faustina said...

congrats! That is a pretty fun website.

cool pic, kindof abstract in a way.

Kieran said...

No such a big fan of this picture. It's still great, it's just that I hate the interior design of modern cars. All that moulded plastic makes me sick.

Surely in Hawai you're legally obliged to only broadcast Jack Johnson 24/7.

Michelle said...

Way to go, dude!

Jasp said...

Neat abstract.

Timmybomb said...

Very funky. If you hadn't told me what it is, I never would have guessed.

A. B. Chairiet said...

I like it, M.

Looks like a robot. :)