Tuesday, July 11, 2006

orang utan

apologies for no post yesterday .. it was my birthday & i went to Paignton Zoo Environmental Park & didn't get home til late, so never got round to it (& thought the snails deserved being at the top for another day!) ... obviously this picture was taken yesterday .. unfortunatley the weather was overcast with infrequent drizzle, so didn't get too many great pictures (suppose that just means i'll have to go back on a sunnier day!!)

what i've done .. nothing

What am i listening to? .. Cathedral Dreams

camera .. samsung pro815


Tsvetana said...


You've got nice photos here! I'd love to see more from your homeplace! :)


faustina said...

This is a really cool shot. It's so interesting to see an animal in the shadows like that.

Jasp said...

Happy Birthday..quite right to be doing nothing.