Tuesday, July 18, 2006

this mornings sunrise

pictures taken from my bedroom window at 5:45am, just before i left for work

lots more sunrise photos ... here

what i've done .. absolutely nothing

What am i listening to? .. Lee 'Scratch' Perry & Friends - Upsetter Compact Set

camera .. samsung pro815


Anonymous said...

HI! I'm Jonathan from CANADA! Your site is COOL! I like your pict! Come see my site please, and let me a message too!
I will come again soon! BYE BYE!

Chia said...

What a beautiful pictures !!

Greetings from The Netherlands.

Steve said...

Wow - what a view! My window looks out at a tree and a brick wall. :(

faustina said...

beautiful. I really love that first one. You have an amazing view!

Margaret said...

Awesome! Everytime I catch a sunrise here it's all cloudy, fuzzy and yuk. That is purely gorgeous! -Margie

A. B. Chairiet said...

Gorgeous, M!

The second one is amazing, and the first one makes me want to run away.

What a lucky man to have such a great view from his bedroom.

Tsvetana said...

Hey, You've got such inspiring view from your bedroom! I think you've caught the moment!