Monday, July 24, 2006

buddleia globosa

the usual buddleia (aka butterfly bush) can be found in the archives ... here

what i've done .. nothing

What am i listening to? .. 2Krazy - Bassline Worldcup 24/06/06

camera .. pentax optio 550


Jeab said...

I'm sorry i not check my mail long time

Thanks very much for your attach the swf file

I will upload it again

Thanks very much

pls take care

A. B. Chairiet said...

I love this one. Looks like candy. :)

Hux said...

it obv doesn' matter, as the pic says it all...but that's globosa ;-D

MrC said...

hey there Cone (/Hux) !! ;)

greetings mate .. been a while! .. cheers for pointing out the error of my ways! - i wondered why a google image search of buddleia glabbosa only came up with one site/image! ... globosa comes up with plenty! ;P

MrC said...

Jeab! ... hope you got on alrighty with the swf .. & don't worry about not checking your mail often - i don't check mine for weeks!!

ashley!! .. hello you!! ;)

susane said...

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