Saturday, August 19, 2006


photo taken last weekend over the cliffs onto the beach at Bedruthan Steps

previous postings with a message .. DOOM ..&.. spunky

what i've done .. cropped, then .. top left; contrast/brightness tweak .. top right; levels, inverted .. bottom right; inverted, played with hue & colour balance .. bottom left; contrast, then played with threshold .. .. i couldn't decide which one to post (there were other versions too!), so my girlfriend suggested doing what you now see!
(i've posted the red version too because i like the colours/textures! (inverted, played with hue & colour balance, then brightness & contrast))

What am i listening to? .. Don Carlos

camera .. samsung pro 815


Suby said...

Crazy shots LOL

What is it?

MrC said...

messages in the sand ;)

Bellhop said...

You, know with the diet and all even shit looks tasty...
And with that Divine album I was listening to ...
(You think you're a man, but you're only a boy!)
No beaches here, sadly. But lots of dogs.

Message to self, go out more, and the crazy stuff will come to yah!
Funny stuff, C, unlike my rambling.


faustina said...

LOL that's all I can say

Reema dsouza said...

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