Wednesday, August 16, 2006


photos taken last night from Mount Edgcumbe ... it was day (night) one of the british fireworks competition over Plymouth Sound. I (obviously) took plenty of shots .. more of which i'll post sometime ;) Tonights should be good (as long as the rain holds off again) .. as there will be an attempt to beat the world record for the most rockets fired simultaneously!

fireworks in the archives .. here

what i've done .. cropped one, nothing else!

What am i listening to? .. DJ Craze @ Pitch Control 07-30-2006

camera .. samsung pro 815


MrC said...

update .. the record attempt was shite! .. all those rockets fired in a 5 second blast - you'd think they would use some interesting rockets, but it was more like a big flash with a load of bangs (not even big bangs!) .. & then the smoke rose .. & headed our way .. enveloped us .. a thick stinking smog full of bits of gunpowder & burnt stuff - not very pleasant! .. needless to say, we headed a fair distance round the coast for the next 4 rounds, but the smoke still got in a bit of the way of a clear viewing (at least the rain held off .. but (bizarrely) it started to rain 5 minutes after it'd all finished each night!)

right enough ramblings!
(cheers for all the comments! lol .. now i'm having to do them!)

Bellhop said...

Hmmm! Vewwy nice. Wish I could shoot some stuff like this.
Third picture is my fave...

Cheers C

Berenice said...

Nice photos there! I'm still desperately trying to take decent pictures of fireworks but haven't come up to something that satisfies me. Good work!