Monday, August 07, 2006


it's that time of year .. everyone seems to be posting pics of sunflowers, 'bout time i did the same (been a while since my last floral post anyways!)

previous posts of sunflowers here & raindrops on a sunflower here

what i've done .. slight contrast tweak

What am i listening to? .. Goldie - essential mix '96

camera .. samsung pro 815


Steve said...

Nice! Love the light through the petals. I'm going to follow your lead and post my own sunflower on Wednesday. Well, a New York version, anyway. :)

Jason Ertel said...

Nice shot! I like the colors and composition.


PhotoSam said...

Very Very nice....we've seen a thousand and one shots of flowers where the colours are perfect and the focus is spot on...this is all of those things except one more..the beautiful framing of the half flower...7.75/10 from me...

Azhar said...

great great shot!!!
(stupid caps lock...)

david said...

a cliche, but a good cliche can stil a good photo make. this has great colour and terrific framing. excellent.

Berenice said...

I do love the framing a lot!

A. B. Chairiet said...

Hi M!

How are you??

Wonderful I hope!!

I'm so sorry, I haven't been by in a while. I've missed you! And your blog and photos. :)

I love this shot, and thought it a great place to start catching up, here in your August archives.

This sunflower is gorgeous! I love how it's peaking out at me, glowing.

I hope life is happy and bright for you right now. Hope you had a great summer!

I took off to write a novel, and I'm just now catching up with everyone.

I'll be around, probably not leaving too many comments until I'm caught up with the more recent posts, but I just wanted so much to say, Hi! and, Happy Tuesday! I miss you! :)

Take care,
~ Ash