Sunday, August 20, 2006


photo taken yesterday morning

what i've done .. rotated 45degrees, filled background black, levels tweak

What am i listening to? .. experimental electronica .. Stein - Steinzeit

camera .. samsung pro 815


MrC said...

password for the Stein = hairdo

quality stuff .. big thanks to the uploader! (cheers mate!) ;)

Bellhop said...

Hmmmmm ... tomatoes ...
I knew I had to get here ...
something I can actually eat ...

Sorry C, I'm on a diet

Stein's hairdo looks good
And it goes with some great music
Cheers mate for the pics
Always a pleasure to come here when I find the time


PhotoSam said...

Nice pic...7.25/10....not a big fan of the rotation bu liking the various shades of tomato you've caaught