Saturday, August 12, 2006


photo taken at 15x zoom over the edge of a cliff down onto the beach at Whitsand Bay

previous posting with a message .. DOOM

what i've done .. desaturated, then increased contrast

What am i listening to? .. VA - Space Daze - The Story and the Mystery of Elecronic Ambient Space Rock (1994)

camera .. samsung pro 815


Azhar said...

LOL, cool shot, B&W simply just works.

Kieran said...

I love the complete lack of reference to the giant spunky willy. Genius.

Suby said...

I love this shot, I do like the way it has been composed, it works for me.


Suby said...

No posts for today?

MrC said...

on it's way ... i'm an evening poster usually ;)

& those that like messages in the sand - i took another cool shot yesterday (will post it next weekend) .. i'm thinking of making regular trips to beaches to see what people are saying :D

Harmunt said...