Friday, August 04, 2006

gathering round the fire

These were taken on the sunday night .. i spent many enjoyable hours that night in an old war bunker stomping madstyle to some proper ol' raggajungle .. great fun!
Spent the saturday night in the bunkers dancing to Vegas spinning funky joints & oldschool hiphop .. gutted i left at 4am because it seems i missed Dreadzone doing a guest spot after ;( ... but i did see them last thing that night at the actual festival - oh how i enjoyed dancing to that!! ;D
What i really want to know though ... is .. who were the band who played in the bunker under the tent sometime between 12&2am on the sat night?? they were so damn cool - loved their style & i wanna see more more more! ;)

What am i listening to? .. Congo Natty

camera .. pentax optio 550


PhotoSam said...

Very cool enjoyable theme u got going...i especially like the squiggly light you've got for the light....7/10 from me..

Azhar said...

Nah, I don't like this :(
I mean its well shot, except you used a low ISO so the shadows a blurry and its a bit confusing.