Sunday, August 06, 2006

Ford Galaxie 500

Photos taken this afternoon at the summer fayre & classic car rally at Mount Edgcumbe.

what i've done .. greyscaled one, desaturated the yellows, greens, cyans & blues on the other

What am i listening to? .. Fela Kuti - Highlife Jazz and Afro-Soul

camera .. samsung pro 815


faustina said...

I took a few photos like this the other day, I love how you've procesed them, I didn't know what to do with mine. Wonderful shots.

PhotoSam said...

Excellent processing....very interesting aangles as well.....I like the top one better because of the metallic glint...7.5/10 from me..

Azhar said...

First shot for me, very "classic car" angle.Suits the car.

Kieran said...

See these pictures of car interiors really do make me feel ill. They summon up the scent of hot plastic - the smell of a traffic jams on motorways during summer holidays.