Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Scribes @ Maker

ok... so again apologies for my big-time slackness in my posting recently ... although i do of course have a perfectly valid reason .. i was up at the Maker Sunshine Festival for most of my waking hours! WOW .. quite simply .. so so much fun, all night, every night! Great music (of all genres), excellent ales, & amazing people, all with the best views in the West! I met so many wonderful people (i can't remember who they were, but i remember meeting them! lol) & had so much fun in the early hours of the morning, sitting around the fire, or dancing like a loon in the bunkers! I'm already counting down the days to next year!!

unfortunately, for reasons beyond my grasp, i didn't get round to taking many photos!! lol ;) but i did take some, & i'll post them up for you .. these ones were taken on the friday night .. some nice hiphop with beatboxing

last years festival photos can be found ... here & here ... i'll post a few more later as well

what i've done .. absolutely nothing

What am i listening to? .. another band i caught at Maker .. The Barnaby Ray Quartet (a live drum&bass band) ... also check out Obedient Bone

camera .. pentax optio 550


faustina said...

Those are some great shots, the second is my favortie, really cool.

Steve said...

LOVE the second photo, those wild sprays of green light! Awesome!

Bellhop said...

The second is really great!! Was the music as trippy like the picture?
Sorry for not visiting to often lately, but your talents are as great as ever!