Wednesday, August 02, 2006

my trip down the lane

These were taken on my trip home at 6am on the saturday morning .. not really sure why i took them! but i was glad they came out so similar to my vision as i stumbled down the steep path!!
After the festivities i spent the next 6 hours around a huge fire, enjoying the vibe, & having a massive laugh with some mates & random strangers (although in reality(?), none of us were strangers ... strange maybe, but all one big family of happy revellers!).
The start of my journey home took me across fields - reminiscent of a desolate landscape, complete with moody skies, a gusty wind, & loads of crows ... before i headed deep down into the depths of the woods via the path where i took the above photos.

There may be no post again tomorrow .. i'm either at a mates, or doing some overtime, & i doubt i can be bothered when i get home tomorrow (unless i sort it out now maybe?)

what i've done .. nothing
(make sure you check out the larger versions!)

What am i listening to? .. Grinch (ft Vegas) .. providers of some classic freestyle shit on the friday night

camera .. pentax optio 550


Azhar said...

Spooky and werid processing, it's just ok for me though.

MrC said...

Azhar .... cheers .. but .. absolutely no processing at all !!!

faustina said...

Cool interprative shots. I like them a lot, very interesting

Sidhe said...

"they came out so similar to my vision" lol :)

I've just been wondering the same thing before I've read your comment. I guess it would have never worked if you had tried it on purpose :)

voyance paris said...

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Voyance gratuite said...

Je vous felicite!, ce blog est super.

oracle gratuit said...

J'ai pris votre suggestion, et j'ai ajoute votre site a mon bookmark! Fantastique!!

voyance said...

Ce blog est absolument magnifique et utile.

audiotel said...

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