Sunday, November 05, 2006

plane with contrails

hello! ... been a while i know .. hopefully i'll get back into the routine of this!

photo taken yesterday afternoon from my garden

what i've done .. slight colour & contrast tweak

What am i listening to? .. Kraftwerk - Pocket Calculator

camera .. samsung pro 815


eternity said...

Hi, I would like to invite you to visit

MrC said...

no offense, but i am not someone with such low self belief that i have been convinced by some crazy people that there is a god that has magically created us

basically, you have left spam! it is not appreciated, & i believe that your 'god' will punish you ;)

have a nice day!

(oh, & being a god person, you probably have low or non-existant humour levels, so have probably taken offense at my reply (if indeed you ever even bother to check sites you have spammed for replies, or you just go on your merry way spamming every random site you happen across) .. so i am now having to justify my response, or am i? .. this is a free world where we are all able to have our own beliefs -- i care not if people have the desire to waste their lives believing in a higher entity & eternal salvation -- but i have a big problem with people that try to push their beliefs on others (be that by door-to-door preaching, public preaching, visiting indiginous tribes & giving them supplies/medicine/etc saying that their 'god' is better & provides more, or by spamming peoples sites)

again, i reiterate.. no offense intended ..... BUT.. YOU have offended me by leaving this message here!!


(maybe i should just ignore the message & delete it, but hey, i've written this rant now, so i may as well publish it, & invite comments from any that bother to read it (only if they've read (& re-read) it in it's entirety)