Monday, November 27, 2006

it must be love

photo again taken in the viewing hut on the edge of Loe Pool ... see last weeks i am a lesbian

previous postings with a message .. ninky .. DOOM .. poo ..&.. spunky

what i've done .. levels, colour, contrast, equalised

What am i listening to? .. Raw Soul

camera .. samsung pro 815


Steve said...

I'm not sure who's luckier...Alan, Robert or Lisa!

MrC said...

greetings Steve .. i will be over yours when the time permits - been a while i know!

as for this... i love this stuff, the things people write really amuses me (esp the spelling!) .. pure art ;)

as for who's the luckiest .. mmmmm not sure ... but i'm damn glad they decided to leave a wee note for the world to know about it!

MrC said...

.... the colours just make it for me though .. they were really like that, but i brought them up a tad

Labella Labella said...

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