Wednesday, December 17, 2008

coaches, coaches, lots of coaches

(make sure you check out the large versions!)

at half time during the 2008 Champions League final, i looked out the window & was amazed to see this great trail of coaches parked along the river, ready to whisk the all the United & Chelsea fans straight back to the airport & outta the country!

what i've tweaked .. nowt much

What am i listening to? .. Empire Bakuba - Ive Dikando

camera .. samsung pro 815


Anonymous said...

You're brilliant and I love you!

Mark said...

whoa? crazy fanatics! it helps to know you weren't there for the you do the fantasy footie?

btw, great light and reflection ;)

you been here: ?

Mark said...

...although of course i recall you mentioning the 'pool...

MrC said...

lol crazy fanatics .. if only .. it was my other half being amusing (or trying to!) for why i was there ... i had the opportunity to go due to my girlfriends father deciding to go to a bee conference (yes indeedy, a bee conference!) .. so an appartment was rented belonging to a mother of a friend of a Russian lady in our village (which was nice & handy!), saving costs ... the final was to be played there so it swayed me with the chance of the 'pool playing there (shame they didn't make it this time! typical) .. & of course it was a huge opportunity not to be missed (even though i'm still paying for it! lol) .... quite simply an amazing & beautiful place ... i spent my days wandering around, getting off at random Metro stops & having a wander ... checking out the sights, etc ... just a shame it rained for the last 2 days, so all my (many!) photos are from the first 3 days. ... would certainly go again, & recommend the place to everyone.

..cheers for the photo compliment .. hope you like the new night photos posted ablove! ... more to come when i get time to post in the New Year...

& yep, visit the tape site every now & then -- i've not got much time these days, but i do try & visit some places every now & then!

peace (& have a good one!!)

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