Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Moscow

not sure what this mosque is called .. haven't got time to look it up right now - will try & remember to in a few days time!

edit... thanks to anon in the comments, i've updated the post

wiki info here

what i've tweaked .. nothin

What am i listening to? .. Le Fantastique Duo-Ti-Bo, Prince Du Zai-Rythme

camera .. samsung pro 815


Mark said...

i missed this first time (just showing your blog to George) - that is a clever reflection!

Anonymous said...

That isn't a mosque (which would be a Muslim worship center), but rather it is an Orthodox cathedral called Christ the Savior. One give away to the fact that it isn't a mosque is that it has a cross on top, which is a symbol of Christianity, not Islam...

MrC said...

doh! now that you mention it, it's fairly obvious (even to my totally unreligious mind!) .. i'll edit the post - many thanks for your input

peace ;)

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