Friday, September 23, 2005



Michelle said...

Monochrome pics are so interesting. The lack of colour lends a hint of curiosity; in a sense, i'm piqued to find out a story behind these pictures :)

Haha, i know my words don't make sense sometimes.

MrC said...

you're right Michelle, although the top picture is full colour; i decided to use it that way instead of changing it, to add a contrast & twist to the one below. i changed the bottom one to b&w to remove the greenery, but apart from that it's kinda like the original .. dark, with sun on the tree trunks!

both pics were taken on the same afternoon, big black clouds all day, but bright sunshine breaking through every now & then ... makes for nice light/dark contrasts.

oh, & your Singlish is mighty fine !


Michelle said...

I didn't think anyone would actually read THAT post. Hell yeah, that singlish was like, *ugh* cheesy. So forgive me :D

Michelle said...

sneak a peek when you get the time.
my faves - the Rodos, london & bristol pics :D
take care for now,

MrC said...

wow ... just had a sneaky peek ... inspiring stuff ... some are amazing shots!

definately bookmarked for a better look after my holiday!

thanks for the link... nice find

see you in a week or so ... have fun ... x