Monday, September 19, 2005

St Germans railway viaduct


Michelle said...

Odelay MrC!

*Hops around like an overcharged Duracell bunny*

This is one awfully charming photoblog, i must say. I love the closeups of the butterflies & bees (though i'm usually squeamish about insects), the fire (can you hear the crackling sound of the slowly burnin' firewood?) and the couple by strolling by the beach (ebb & flow) at sunset (how romantic).. cheers for having done such a great job!

Hee :)

Michelle said...

Are you using a Nikon/Canon or something else? :D

MrC said...

morning / evening / hello Michelle!

how's things over your part o' the planet?

big big thanks for the big big-up!

i use a Pentax Optio 550 ... 5mp & 5x optical, but compact ... so is always in my pocket! (you never know what you may see)


(am picturing you hopping around like a 'overcharged Duracell bunny'! an amusing site - in my mind at least!)

have a good day / week !

Michelle said...

Wed midnight over here *yawns*
Ah, my batt's half dead now, i'm as deadbeat as can be, trying to finish some work here.
Kinda miss my library job now that i'm back in school.
My bank account hits rock bottom every month :D
I'll invest in a better digi cam when i can afford it.
Amazing shots, really. Omg, my first thoughts were like:
"MrC, is that an nikon SLR or something?"

Take care for now, and have a great week yourself.

MrC said...

hello again Michelle,
i thought/presumed your job at the library was permanent! forgot you were still learning stuff ... what was it you were studying??

have fun,

Michelle said...

biz, plus a little of IT (comp stuff).

Son Poemas said...

I like the bridges.
Very good photos.