Friday, June 23, 2006

Barbara Hepworth sculptures

ok, so it's another friday, but again no funky fungi for you! ... instead i bring you some funkified art! ;)

original photo can be found back in the archives .. here

what i've done .. can't remember! .. i was experimenting with it way back in February

What am i listening to? ... DJ MoneyShot - Mixed Ape mix


Timmybomb said...

Ugly scultpures, very cool photo. I love the effect here. Wish you could remember all that you did to it.

Azhar said...

I don't get abstract.Thats all I have to say lol.

Jasp said...

I like this...the colours and grains work great...very artistic....almost feel like I am back in the 70's ... actually has a sort of Spanish abstract art about it.