Friday, June 09, 2006

honey bee swarm


MrC said...

pictures taken last weekend at my girlfriends parents house .. her dad keeps bees & makes his own honey, so he enticed them into one of his hives ... mmmmmmm honey ;)

What am i listening to? ... same as yesterday .. lots of cool music from the Caribbean

(... sorry i've not replied to comments much recently! (& not visited many other places as often as i would like!) .. but i've been busy with work, & the weather has been really nice .. & now .. the football's about to start!! woohoo .. so i'll try to be a lot more sociable in a month!! .. your visits (& comments) are of course much appreciated & i thank you all!!)

MrC said...

if you haven't delved into the archives, please check out some pictures of a honey bee being caught in a web by a spider

Harmunt said...


There's no way that I would have gone anywhere near those little buggers.

Maximum Kudos MrC!


Tony said...

Lucky for you i had to find a local man via the internet to take and inteerest in the swarm that turned up out the front... but does make for great photos


Gillie said...

I love the bee and daisy photo - the swarm is mighty impressive but a tad scary. The husband has been thinking about starting a hive for a while now ..... so far so good and no hive - I'll stick to getting my honey from the farmers' market!! Your pictures are amazing.