Saturday, June 17, 2006

corn field

i went for a wander this afternoon between the football matches .. nice sunny day .. took plenty of photos! ;)

slightly gutted that i've had to reduce these so much to get them down to around 250kb (reduced image size by two thirds, & saved at quality setting 4 - usually for these posts i save at 8 or 9!) .. so the detail is nowhere near as great as the original ;(

previous fields .. daffodils & oilseed rape

what i've done .. nothing

What am i listening to? ... College Boyz - Radio Fusion Radio


yvonne said...

=)nice blog,,,,thz for ur coming

Azhar said...

Nothing interesting here, its just green lines.Not for me man :(
Your boat shot yeterday with thwe reflection was much better : GREAT GREAT SHOT! for that.

MrC said...

greetings Yvonne ;)

Azhar, i know, green lines, but i was kinda in the mood for green lines :) ... & unfortunately the low detail hasn't helped ;( cheers though!

Jasp said...

Nice bit of abstract art from Mother Nature..not every picture has to have a strong subject does it ?