Monday, June 12, 2006


.. right, i'm experimenting with saying my brief piece here instead of in the comments .. we'll see how it goes!

I went to a wedding reception at Mount Edgcumbe a few weekends ago .. took this picture of Plymouth across the River Tamar .. the sun was going down to the left, & this building (the civic centre) looked like it was on fire.

what i've done .. desaturated all but the suns reflection on the building

What am i listening to? ... lots more music from the Mastermix Classic Cuts series.


Pete said...

it worked. Nice one

Azhar said...

Pretty cool thing you got here.Like it.

Ella said...

Very nice scenery. I am not sure, if I had also desaturated the colors that much, but then again I have not seen the original shot and the city lights might have been distracting.

changapeluda said...

haven't visited in a while, glad i did! everything is all covered in honey bees and i love all this desaturation. cool trick!