Thursday, February 22, 2007

St Ives graf

previous postings with a message .. i am a lesbian .. it must be love .. ninky .. DOOM .. poo ..&.. spunky

what i've done .. a combo of some or all of the following .. levels, colour, contrast, saturation, equalised, selective desaturation

What am i listening to? .. Jewish Childrens Record

camera .. samsung pro 815


Steve said...

Glad to see you back, and with come cool graffiti pics no less! (It got awful quiet around here...)

Wonder what that funny amoebic thing is?

MrC said...

hey there Steve!
...yep, bit of a break, but will try to post every other day or something

the amoebic thing is all over St Ives .. i like it, better than scrawling ones name

...i'll try & have a good visit to yours when times permits me to catch up .... annoyingly work has blocked blogger (along with shedloads of other sites) so i cannae catch up at lunch anymore ;(

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